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The ragdoll cat

The origin of the breed

Similarly to the Bengal cat, the “homeland” of the Ragdoll cat is the United States. In the sixties, a breeder in California crossed a female Persian cat with a Burmese male. She had gentle, friendly, attractive kittens. A few years later, the gentlest descendants with the best temperament and most attractive appearance were deliberately selected and bred further in the framework of an organised breeding programme. Birmans and Burmese cats were also included in the breeding programme to refine the breed further. The American Cat Fanciers Association acknowledged the Ragdoll as a new breed in 1967; after a few years, recognition was also granted by the international association.


Muscular, big-bodied, elegant cat breed. Tom-cats can be as large as 9 kg; females are smaller. The neck is short; the chest is muscular and full. Its characteristic is that its hind legs are much more muscular and longer than its forelegs. Its bone structure is massive and extremely stable; its skeleton is heavier than that of an average cat. Its paws are larger than average; a tuft of fur is hidden between the toes. Its bushy tail is a proportional fit for its large body. Rounded, medium sized ears are far apart on its arrow-shaped skull. Its chin and face pouch are robust, its nose is vaulted. Its eyes are relatively large and oval. Its coat is silky, semi-long and longer on the neck, the tail and on the external part of the rear thigh. Ragdolls are recognised in six colours. These are the following: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream. Their patterns can vary: colourpoint, mitted, bicolour, lynx, tortie or torbie. A peculiarity of the breed is that newborns are white; colours and patterns only appear after 10 days. They only reach their final colour and pattern at the age of 2. As its coat is silky and soft, it does not tend to get tangled and so it is enough to comb it once per week.

Behaviour and temperament

Very friendly, trusts people, requires the special attention of its owner, likes the company of other cats, it even makes easy friends with dogs. Also likes children quite a bit.

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